Best Simple Home Decor Ideas

Most of us want to decorate our home and make it visually worthy. But at that time the thought of putting all the effort and money into it can be very massive. We always mess up with home decor so it’s the most practical way to decorate your home is to start with one room at a time. In that way, you won’t feel overwhelmed or over-stressed. It won’t feel heavy on your pocket too. Whether you want to update your home completely or just add pretty touches, you search for some home decor ideas. 

The decorating look of the house plays a major role in settling the mood of the place. The decoration and the environment of the house also have an effect on the mood of the people living in the house. So it is important to pay some your attention to the house decor. A good-looking house is also good for getting rid of anxiety and stress. Adding some decorative touches and elements will help in increasing the appeal of rooms.

The outlook of the house is an important factor the exterior of the home helps in making a good impression it improves the value of a home. The purpose of decoration is to make the space more aesthetical and functionally useful for the resident. Sometimes these things include consideration of wider contextual issues such as fashion, culture, etc.

When you are decorating your home the most essential part in the bedroom. A bedroom is a place to relax after a long day. So it is very essential to have a satisfyingly decorated bedroom for comforting you and healthy sleeping. By being a busy person all you need is to relax and reduce the stress of the day in that bedroom will help you. Your bedroom represents your identity and your most intimate self because of its personal nature.

The bathroom and kitchen are the two most essential parts of the house so upgrading them is always a good idea. You can replace the handles of the kitchen doors it will give a fresh look to the whole place. The kitchen decor has some change in your utility items like your storage jar, fruit bowl, cutlery set, plates, and platters can also add a rug or mirrors. You can replace the plain mirror with a fancy one to make the space look more beautiful and less boring. This type of upgrade will dramatically increase your home value.

Take note: Too much mess and clutter in your room can actually cause sleep destruction. By having separate clothing well-organized wardrobes and drawers you can create not just a clean space but also a clean mind.


We at Sonajuri Arts have garnered expert tips, ideas, inspiration, and advice from interior designers and the Homes & Gardens team. Here are some simple yet budget-friendly home decor ideas to renovate your space. 


Mix it up on the walls

Use the corridor walls up by making their gallery walls. Don’t just stick to your family photos mix it up with some paintings, nature photography, decorative plates, quotes, mirrors, or another quirky wall decor

Make big statement

Add a big piece of canvas art on your empty hall room wall, a big fancy handcrafted vase in a corner, an attractive piece of furniture like a unique wardrobe, or an accent handcrafted chair. Pick things that can make a statement and immediately give your home a rich and classy feel.

Go Green

The easiest, and most affordable way to add aesthetics to your home is adding some plants like hanging plants, or big indoor plants. When you are adding plants it’s important to choose the planter wisely. Beautiful handmade planters that will embellish your plant look and give a new ambiance to your home space. 

Collection Wall

Adding a customized collection wall to your home will make it look more unique and open. You will get a fancy space for showcasing your collection. You can display your book collection and vintage aesthetic pieces.

Cozy lighting

Lighting in the house can make a big difference in mood and enhance the space’s beauty. All though there is a lot of natural light coming in throughout the daytime but at night to make it a cozy environment all you have to do is add a lamp, fairy lights, and candles. Add some cozy lighting to your bedroom to add a romantic feel.

You can change the look of the house by changing up your fabrics and furnishing style and adding a little bit of color. You can change your bed & cushion covers, rugs, and curtains to give your room space a new and new look. Always choose some light color and layered it up with texture. This will add that little extra spunk to your living room. 

Splash of colors

Your personality reflects through the choice of your home decor. Choose colors to light up your home aura pick some paintings and make a wall of paintings and decorate it with some charms. Your aesthetic background is ready to rock now. 

Do it yourself 

DIY is something that is stealing the limelight now. Create your own cute creative creation and amuse everyone. Pick some jute and fabric to give a new look to your old goodies. 


Replace or rearrange the furniture of your house. Make maximum utilization of the space. Create a team that will make your home look spacious. Always choose some similar type of furniture that can be a match with other furniture as well. 

This is how you can re-decor your home with simple decor ideas. Do not just dream of the perfectly decorated home, start it with a pop. Get the best decoration for your home made by rural artisans. Get cozy comfort with eco-friendly handcrafted decorations and furniture. Give a statement look to your residence. Embrace the place where you will going to spend most of your time.


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