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Decorating your dream house walls of a room in the house is definitely a challenging task. It is where you want to put just the right amount of your creativity without giving the wall decor a strange appearance. Another thing that is always felt by many while decorating walls, is the expense that is considered in renovating the walls and giving them a new look.

But the good news is, if you have a few DIYs that can help you escape all these problems, you will indeed have a room that looks exactly the way you wanted it to be.                               


Choosing the perfect wall decor for your space can often be tricky. This one element of home decor has the ability not only to catch the eye but also help to define the tone and aura of any space in your place. Therefore to help you elevate the elegance quotient of your interiors effortlessly, we bring you a curated list of wall decor pieces from India. 

Bare walls lack creativity and can make your home décor look boring. We have put together our creative tips to make your walls lively. Aren’t you a collector, a lover of art, or a gardener? Turn your hobby into wall décor ideas, a DIY project idea can complete your decoration over just a few hours.


Get Creative

Plain paper plates become the statement of creative art wall display. Contrast different sizes and shapes of paper plates that are spray-painted into solid colors of the same monochromatic colors. You can pick the colors by yourself which is going with your color palette.

Peel-off stickers are widely available in the market in traditional and abstract prints in a variety of colors and sizes. Wrap a sticker tree behind the wall of your television set or you can also create a cool world map on your wall.

Dip your hands into acrylic paint and print it on the wall use a ladder to reach the higher part of the walls, and always notice the spacing between prints so after finishing it doesn’t look messy.

Chalkboard art gets crafty with creative chalk art looks stunning on the wall. Put your personality on display for everyone to see your art. The best part of this is it is removable whenever you want, then create a new one. Chalkboard walls also can be used as recipe notes, reminder lists, or some messages for you your and family.


There is a lovely way to add some life to a children’s bedroom wall. 3D cloud cut-outs are in fashion where you can draw some folding paper planes to give height to your child’s imagination. 


Use your old patterned fabric that can be stretched and fixed on the wall by using a wooden pool. A creative way to get back walls that are prettier than wallpaper and changeable is to change them as per your mood. Wisely pick a pattern and color that go with your décor theme. For a unique and creative touch to your bedroom stitch matching pillows and quilt cover.


For wall decor, you can use black masking tape to create shapes on the wall and use a flat brush to color those shapes with bright acrylic paint neatly.


Make an impact on your wall decoration. Book lovers can transform an entire wall into open shelves as your own library a great way to add some extra storage to any room. Keep some shelves empty for an interesting visual composition you can add art and photographs.

When you collect postcards, stamps, pictures, masks, and hats, showcase your hobby on the wall as a lovely stunning display. A stylish way to recycle items that you already have. Use jute baskets to go with the organic theme. 

If gardening is your hobby then use green living walls. A lovely way to blend the indoors with the outdoors.

We often ignore the wall of the staircase. Get your bare wall alive with some eye-catchy family portraits or your passion for photography. It is the look of effortless sophistication.

Fairy Light Décor

Add charm to your room with the perfect lighting. To turn any room into a magical fairyland draped a string of fairy lights way across a bare wall. To save on your power bills always use LED lights.

We Sonajuri Arts hope that we’ve inspired you to get started on your own wall decoration ideas. Be creative and wise while choosing the perfect wall decor furniture for your home. 


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