Designer Jewelries of Shanti Niketan : The Fashion Mantra of 2021

2020 was a year full of mishaps, disease, negativities, deaths. In other words, it was a roller coaster ride for all of us. But as the year rolled by and 2021 came, we became stronger, positive, hopeful and energetic, to fight against all the negativities and coming up with something new, sustainable and more eco-friendly.

When we talk about fashion, 2020 taught us to choose cheap, sustainable and subtle art, to protect the environment and the people who are facing lots of financial issues. Mother nature was healing herself in 2020 like never before, she was breathing, purifying herself. Now the Earth is the only planet we have, so it’s our responsibility to keep the Earth safe and protected. So the signs shown by mother nature, are the only way we can follow to keep her pampered. It has taught how to carry things virtually and still be the boom in the market. 

Today’s fashion trend is sustainable, subtle and minimal fashion.

Santi Niketan Is Paving Its Way Gradually

Shantiniketan, the abode of peace, was previously called Bhubandanga, it was named after a local dacoit, Bhuban Dakat, who used to guard the area, which was owned by the Tagore family.

Later, Devendranath Tagore, father of Rabindranath Tagore, renamed this place as Santi Niketan, which means “Abode of Peace”. Gradually, it became a spiritual centre where people either used to come or were invited to join for meditation and prayers. The very next year in 1863, Debendranath Tagore founded an ‘Ashram’ here. As the years rolled down, Amrakunja, Saal Bithi, Chatim Tala, Santiniketan Bari, Kanch Mandir, Sonajhuri, came into being.

From the previous history, it is clearly understood that the main aim has always been to carry out eco-friendly stuff which is trendy, cheap and beautiful as well. In this way, the jewelers industry will reach 480.5 billion dollars by 2025. 

The jewellery designers of Santi Niketan knows that today’s fashion trends depend on something new, creative, sustainable and cheap. So starting from the custom necklace, imitation jewellery, beaded necklace to oxidized jewellery were redesigned. The materials used are now mostly eco-friendly kinds of stuff like tree fruits, old fabrics, jute, bamboo, bamboo fibres, wood and so on.

Santiniketan is gradually paving its way towards sustainable designer jewellery which are cheaply affordable and creates a statement. Getting virtual even quick to and creating e-commerce websites to sell cheap jewellery online. You can get gorgeous Bengali artificial jewellery online, which includes Mukut, Tikli, Nolok, Bala, Kan Bala, Kan Pasha, Jhumko, Chick, Sath noli haar, Hath fool, Ratanchur, Chur, etc. It’s exceptionally made for masses who can’t afford gold jewellery for occasions, but they can easily go for these beautiful Bengali artificial jewellery online.

Today’s fashions trends have been beautifully taken up by these jewellery designers. They understood the need and acted accordingly to create a revolution. And the most beautiful part is this imitation jewellery, beaded necklace, oxidized jewellery are made mostly by the local rural people or artisans of Santiniketan, Bolpur and Birbhum district. Custom earrings & custom necklaces are available, which means you can customize your favourite ones according to your ideas and thoughts and the artisans will create them. Also, cheap jewellery online is available, so that when people get into a jewellery or fashion website, they can easily customize it, which is definitely in their budget.

Sonajuri Art’s, The Example Of Fashion Mantra Of 2021, Online

Sonajuri Arts is on the path of taking the eco-friendly steps, by not only reducing the carbon footprint but also by encouraging more local artisans and teaching them about the technique, so that sustainable fashion never gets underrated and extinct. We decided that it is high time that traditional art forms should be reserved and awareness about them should be spread in urban spaces.

We believe that selling cheap jewellery online has to get evolved to be able to sustain in the market and spread the knowledge, importance & history. And, Sonajuri Arts have been doing a lot to spread awareness about the art forms, not only across the country but also internationally, as of today’s fashion trends. We are trying to provide the artisans with a platform to promote their custom necklace, imitation jewellery, beaded necklace, oxidized jewellery outside the state and country, making it easy and accessible for people to learn about today’s fashion trends.

Sonajuri Arts’ main motive is to bring up the traditional art, Santiniketan jewellery, Bengali artificial jewellery online and cheap jewellery online, which have always been the culture of ancient India. It also aims to bring up the artists and their families to get a better lifestyle which they deserve. Due to industrialization, all these artists are finding alternate ways of income, to avoid this Sonajuri Arts is providing them with a platform where they can, not only show their art but also represent them in front of a larger audience. To know more about Santiniketan jewellery products and the art forms, visit our website Sonajuri Arts’.

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