In Bengal, Durga Puja ushers in the festive season every year. With the start of this festival, people’s anticipation for the rest of the year starts to swell.

An essential component of Indian festival culture is fashion. You cannot fully celebrate a festival without donning attire that reflects the fervor of the event. Of course, this is also the best opportunity to take the most visually stunning photos, so you should dress to impress.

As the holiday season approaches, the newest trends and fashions will start to emerge, making it difficult for you to choose which is ideal. But nothing encourages experimentation and inquiry more than those days of Durga Puja.

Still struggling to decide where to begin? For these days, consider these outfits to catch everyone’s eyes :

  1. Flowing. Long skirts are the ideal choice for any occasion because they appear stylish and modest while still being comfortable to wear. This outfit is adaptable and can be worn for any occasion, whether it’s a visit to the temple or a get-together with friends. It can be worn with anything, from formal shirts to trendy crop tops to heavily embroidered blouses. You’ll never run out of outfits to wear with skirts or occasions to show them off!
  2. Monochrome. The world is awash in outfit sets made of only one color. They create a strong statement and are sure to put you in the spotlight. However, you won’t often see Indian attire in this color scheme. Therefore, wearing boldly colored monochrome clothing will have everyone’s attention set on you if the holiday season is what you look forward to each year to realize all your daydream fantasies.

3.         The Mod Look. When worn, Indian clothing is stunning, but carrying it with the required grace is a laborious task. If you have avoided wearing Indian clothing due to its daunting aspect, switching to Indo-Western clothing can allow you to benefit from the best of both worlds! You won’t have any trouble finding an indo-western outfit for every mood because the most recent trends are always making their way into the market.

4.         Bandhani.  Originating and popular in Gujarati culture, Bandhani prints are fun patterned styles suited for someone looking to have fun this festive season. Introducing them to your list of dresses for this year is a definite must.

5.         Sarees.  Traditional sarees are a wardrobe staple that is always appropriate. An iconic piece of Indian clothing, it transforms every woman wearing it into a representation of poise and elegance. Additionally, the annual celebration of Durga Puja is associated with donning a white saree and a red blouse. A nine-yard Navratri saree will never desert you on your special day thanks to the harmonious union of history and style.

6.         Cholis.  You will always see women wearing chaniya cholis at any celebration spot. The chaniya choli is a staple piece of apparel in almost all of the northern areas of the nation. The energetic designs and colors of chaniya choli suits the vibrant mood of the event marvelously. If you don’t wear this to your upcoming outing, you will undoubtedly be missing out!

7.    Mix and Match.  Dhoti pants are one of the boldest fashion trends to appear on this list recently. Although ladies don’t typically wear dhotis, the festive season requires you to push the envelope and experiment with your particular style.

Considering how fashionable and trendy dhoti pants are, it may come as a surprise that they are also incredibly comfy. Dhoti pants are for individuals wishing to step outside the box this holiday season because they are perhaps the ideal blend of traditional and modern.

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