Encouraging Budding Artists With Sonajuri Arts

Art is the creation of something beautiful and meaningful using your skills and imagination power. As we know practice is the only way to make us perfect, so art is all about practice, until and unless you are satisfied with the desired result. The way art is perceived has not changed history but has also impacted the thoughts and cultures.  The term ‘art’ is sourced from the Latin word ‘ars’, which means, art, skill, or craft. The art word has been used in 13th-century manuscripts to be precise.

Generally, the definition of art falls under 3 categories :

  1. Art as Representation :

Plato was the first person to coin the idea of art as ‘mimesis’.  In Greek, mimesis means copying or imitation. For this reason, for centuries, the primary meaning of art was defined as the mimicking or replication of something very beautiful and elegant. But by the end of the eighteenth century, a work of art was valued based on how beautifully it represented the subject.  This kind of art has profoundly impacted modern and contemporary artists. Representational art still exists today, but you can’t measure an art’s value only through this, we have to take into account the other attributes as well to consider an art perfect.

  1. Art as Expression of Emotional Content :

When you see art as representation, the attribute that sits right beside it is the expression of emotion. Is your art sublime? Or it’s dramatic? This could be understood only when the art is expressing a definite feeling.  Audience response is very important, if the audience can evoke an emotional response, and connect with the art,  then only the artwork is a success.

  1. Art as Form :

Immanuel Kant, an influential early theorist, believed that art should be judged only on its formal qualities. Formal qualities started playing an important role when art became more abstract in the 20th century, and the principles of art and design were used to define and assess art.

The formal qualities and principles of art are :

  1. Balance
  2. Rhythm
  3. Harmony
  4. Unity

Who is known as a budding artist?

The artists who are involved with any kind of flamboyant arts & are in the early development stage trying to gain success in the field of art, trying to master that particular art, trying to improvise on it every day to provide advanced output, trying to keep their abstract and creative minds active, are known as a budding artist.

How the budding artists of Bengal, are getting a bigger platform with Sonajuri Arts?

Sonajuri Arts were born to uplift the artisans and their families especially the primary health and education of their children. Our vision is to create a bigger picture of art, than what exists today. It’s for all the unparalleled and unmatched creativity of the simple artisans of Rural India, who have been quietly perfecting their art and creativity for centuries. Our budding artists are into abstract arts, pop arts, wall arts, acrylic paint art, watercolor, oil painting, sculpture art, jewelry making, handloom saree making art, and lots more.

Meet a few of our budding artists who are creating wonders with each passing day :

  • Lopamudra Saha: an enthralling photographer
  • Debjani Roy: a sketch artist
  • Mahua Bose: a precise sketch artist
  • Sourav Das : a talented painting artist
  • Mangaldip Das: a passionate photographer, sculpture, pen/pencil sketch artist, micro artist

These budding artist of the team Sonajuri will be exhibiting their artworks and paintings at the exhibition hall, “Daughtor” at EC-45, Salt Lake City from 30th March – 4th April 2021. The exhibition timing is from 2 pm – 9 pm. Come and visit to appreciate their arts, you can buy their artworks and paintings as well to encourage these young budding artists. Also, get an opportunity to meet them. In case if you can’t visit the exhibition, you can buy there at from our website as well https://test.sonajuriarts.com/


Sonajuri Arts endeavors to support every artisan not just by promoting what they make, but also by helping them with ideas and designs.  We keep on mentoring them to innovate and create relevant designed traditional, trendy, and culture-based

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