First Budding Artist Exhibition

Every talent is incomplete without any practice so is art. Art is a very complex term. According to my every action performed by a human being is an art and one is learning it throughout their lives.

I am Debjani Roy, I’m a student. Since childhood, I was attracted to Colors, and there was a passion to draw.

As I am growing, the pressure of studies is growing year by year. The time and passion for art have sailed away from me. As a child, I and also my parents were focusing more on studies somewhere. I left the art and engaged myself in the curriculum.

During this Covid -19 situation, I again got an opportunity to enhance my talent, and utilized my free time in art, and created the best art pieces. Starting my skills again
was quite difficult to start as there was a lack of confidence inside me, my heart was confused as to whether I would again be able to hold the painting brush but as soon
as I won the war inside me. I gained the competition.

Right things come at the right time this saying was absolutely correct for me after the covid+19 situation when things are returning back on their track. I found an opportunity to work withSonajuri Arts as a budding artist.

Sonajuri Arts is an e-commerce website founded by Colonel Shantanu Roy and it mostly deals in handicrafts and arts. The main aim behind this platform is to promote the local artists and help them to grow. Sonajuri arts and the brilliant idea of Colonel Shantanu Roy launched the platform Budding Artist’.

The budding artist is a platform for encouraging young artists and helps them to grow in this competitive environment. I am also a part of this program. And it helps
me a lot to learn things. There are mentors in this program to guide me in various steps and also helping me to learn new things and improving the basics.

Recently, budding artists with the help of our mentors and with the ideology of Sonajuri arts. We planned an exhibition to show our talent to the world. It was my
first exhibition as an artist. We took forward the plan of the exhibition and presented the art in front of the city of Rosogolla.

The day before the exhibition, we decided to decorate the hall with our hands. So we decorated the hall with our whole team including the banners and paintings and it was an excellent experience to work as a team for our own exhibition and the efforts from the whole team and the team spirit helps us to learn many things. One journalist came to interview us. When he was interviewing me I was showing him my artwork and went around the exhibition hall and shared my experience.

It was an overwhelming experience when we received our visitors on the very first day of the exhibition and they also interviewed us by asking the various queries related
to art and our skills.

Technology is the best thing to utilize, so we also utilize it at our best. We introduced the QR code for various visitors where they can review their experience and also at
At the same time, they can purchase the articles to encourage us. It was a 7 days exhibition and each day was different because we learned a lot during these Seven days of the exhibition. At the exhibition hall, we used to make different types of videos of the hall and us which we had used to promote our art exhibition. We budding artists find ourselves lucky because our mentors are our biggest supporters because our mentor supported us during an exhibition as she turned out to be visitors to encourage our confidence.

We sold three paintings to different visitors and this takes our confidence to the next level because we never expected that we can also sell our paintings and there are people who will respect our talent.

Words are less to describe the emotions when I saw that the painting of my teammate is sold at a respectable amount. It feels like that our exhibition succeeded, our hard
work got some respect a
nd that day we celebrated together with Biryani and ice cream.

On our last day of the exhibition, the budding artist removed all the paintings from the wall and removed all other decorations including the banners and many other articles
, and took them back home. But this time I am feeling proud to let everyone know that I am a budding artist and apart from a painting I took back something more something priceless, I took back the confidence for myself the future was in my eyes there was the belief that I can achieve my dreams with my skill

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