Holi – Festival Of Color With Sonajuri Arts

Holi is a famous Hindu festival with a religious background and it is being played in many places worldwide. It’s a celebration of richness, love, and color. This is the most vibrant festival in India. Holi originated in India. There are many mythological stories behind this large celebration of holi. God Krishna loved Radha, but for the different skin complexions, he felt conscious. He playfully painted Radha’s face in the same color as his. The tales of Braj ki Holi are in abundance.

 By tradition, lovers celebrate Holi and color their faces with various colors. In, Vrindavan there is a large celebration of Holi called Phool dol. Also, Vrindavan Banke Bihari Temple is famous for the rash yatra. People gather together in the temple premises and play with flower petals. It’s a visual treat for your eyes. 

There are two parts of the Holi celebration, one is Holika Dahan and the other one is Rang Holi. The Holika Dahan traditionally takes place before the night of rang holi. People gather and burn wood dung cakes as it is a symbolic prayer that signifies that evil is always defeated by the good.  In Hindu myth, it describes that  God Vishnu helps burn the Devi Dolika to death to overcome evil. And, here comes the most-awaited and enjoyable part of Holi is rang holi. The next morning, all people gather and it takes place. It’s a public affair where family friends and even unknown people chase each other and throw gulal color-filled water balloons, soak in water. It’s all about fun. Also, there is a history behind how the gulal was made. It was made of turmeric paste and flower extracts. Nowadays, synthetic organic color takes place. There are so many delicious foods that are known as special holi food like when you think of Holi thandai will surely cross your mind.  A burst of flavors through the delicious Puran Polis is something you cannot miss. Bhang Pakora Rice kheer is a popular Indian sweet dessert made with basmati rice, milk, nuts, and saffron. In this pure and fun festival, people also like to give a new look to their household and also themselves. 

In the West, Bengal Bengalis have a different craze about Holi. It’s called Basanta Utsav or dol Jatra in Bengal. The most famous places to celebrate Holi in Bengal are Santiniketan and Mayapur. Every year many foreigners also join the electrifying festival of color.  This festive season brings happiness to life. As a Bengali, whenever we think about Shantiniketan we are reminded about Rabindranath Tagore. He began the legacy of Basant Utsav at Shantiniketan. His father Maharshi Ravindranath Tagore gave that place the name Shantiniketan and formed an ashram there. Ravindra Nath Tagore founded  Visva Bharati  University and every year people come and enjoy this color festival. Let’s celebrate this holi with Sonajuri Arts and decorate your house with a vintage look. We have a fabulous collection of vintage and authentic furniture. These are made with pure sonajuri wood giving a Bengali touch to your home decor. We have a huge collection of traditional wear for males and females. All products are handmade and made by Santiniketan’s artisans. Gift your loved ones a precious gift that is made with love. Take a look at the collection of Chau masks. It will change the whole look of your Drawing Room. These handmade accessories of German silver, jute, and many more unique things will make your traditional look more expressive and gorgeous.

There are different types of sarees which are also made by our craftsmen. Now, their creations are known and named by their name. We also sponsor young talents to grow towards their future. By providing a mentor and making an exhibition on their art we are always trying to encourage our budding artists. We also request you to assist us in this noble act where we also sponsor education and primary health of poor children of our artisans of rural Bengal by our NGO – “ UMA DREAM FOUNDATION”. Every purchase goes towards their assistance.

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