How To Display Physical Goods In The Digital World

Brands cannot be physical, but the products that a brand builds its reputation on, are physical. Physical goods can be traditional and contemporary as well, so to create continuous buzz among your peers and your target audience, you need to be present in the digital world as well.

Physical goods shouldn’t limit it’s availability inside a physical store only, it should come out, breathe out and get the interactive experience through the digital mediums as well.

Nowadays, people have a very close relationship with their mobile devices, so your products shouldn’t miss the chance to nudge their thoughts and eyes through these mobile devices.

The more personalised experience you will create for your users, customers, clients or target audience, the more you’ll make your product presence strong.

For this personalised experience, you need to come out of the physical store and conquer the digital world through social media, websites, virtual or digital galleries.

How to display physical products through Social Mediums?

Promoting your product portfolio on social mediums can be the best to increase the presence of your physical goods in the digital world. Shift your physical store into a digital store through effective social media strategies. Your physical goods should be customer-centric so that you cater to great digital services.

Make your traditional and contemporary physical goods into trendy ones through digital or social mediums.

The social medium through which you can display your physical goods are :

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

 How to display physical products through Digital Kiosks?

Today’s business climate needs digital kiosks to elevate their physical goods and their presence. Because it is an era when consumers completely rely on technologies. Selling physical products online is, even more, easier with these digital kiosks. Digital Kiosk is a visual communication method. The eye-catchy visual design of your physical products can easily make a passerby’s head turn. Visual communication is the best way to interact with your target audience. Long-lasting and 24*7, it could be there to grab consumers’ attention.

Digital Kiosk could be of different types

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided
  • Tripple sided
  • Special tabletop
  • Outdoor Kiosks
  • Interactive Kiosks

Digital Kiosks could be there in restaurant lobby, hotels, museums, retails, airports, Outdoor shopping malls or in Zoos.

Beautiful freestanding kiosks showcase your business services and physical products. People get a chance to glance into the real-time pictures which make your brand even more reliable to trust on.

How to display physical products through Websites?

When it comes to displaying physical goods, a website has to offer a lot and play a major role in doing so. It’s all about providing value to potential customers and target audiences.

According to The SCORE Association, 97% of consumers search about their needs and wants (products & services) online.

Website is where they rely on when they want to know about your product, your services, your brand’s, hot sales, launches and much more.

84% of consumers think that websites make your business and products much more credible and professional.

How to display physical products through Virtual or Digital Gallery?

Interactive experience and personalizing the experience of your target audience is possible when you display your product through virtual galleries or virtual tours. This gives the customers confidence to buy the product and create goodwill with your brand.

Virtual galleries or virtual tours are a very good option when it comes to displaying your physical products digitally because your customers can get an idea about the look and feel of your product through the 360-degree view. Also, customers can relax at home while the products are being displayed to them, so virtual galleries are a great option indeed.

Sonajuri Arts setting an example

Sonajuri Arts, an e-commerce site in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, is setting a great example of how you can display your physical products digitally. Also, they are beautifully engaging and supporting the local artist and artisans of Bengal in the process. Sonajuri Arts are dealing in handicrafts of India working in tandem with an NGO -” UMA DREAM FOUNDATION” which uplifts the quality of life of the children of our artisans by taking care of their education and primary health. 

Sonajuri Arts also has under its wings a team of “BUDDING ARTISTS“, who are providing painting phenomenal creative works. The artists have launched their 3D Art Gallery, “Inspirations & Aspirations”, which is a treat to the eyes. This is a virtual tour of an art gallery on our website, where there are extraordinary paintings. Once you click on the paintings you can get every detail of the painting, starting from the material, painting type, measurements, and which budding artist painted it. With that, there is a link in the painting, which will directly take you to our website, where you can buy it as well if you like it. 

Our budding artists are into abstract arts, pop arts, wall arts, acrylic paint art, watercolour, oil painting, sculpture art, jewellery making, handloom saree making art, and lots more.

Meet a few of our budding artists who are creating wonders with each passing day :

  1. Lopamudra Saha: an enthralling photographer
  2. Debjani Roy: a talented pencil sketch 
  3. Mahua Bose : a precise sketch artist
  4. Souravi Das : a talented painting artist
  5. Mangaldip Das : a passionate photographer

Also, we can say it proudly, that Sonajuri Arts sponsors workshop time to time to the budding artists to sharpen their skill and make them more knowledgeable about the artworks 

  • Sarbani Roy from Barrackpore is a Clay Art expert who imparts training and techniques to budding artists.
  • Rahim & Minu from Pingla are Pattachitra experts. Pingla is the hub of original Pattachitra Art. They impart training & techniques to the budding artists.


Because Sonajuri has always got your back to support you!

So, please visit the links given below to encourage the youngsters. Also, every purchase you make in the gallery or on the site goes towards CARING FOR A CHILD. Personalised/customised/ crested souvenirs and mementoes will be fabricated on demand.    

Link to 3D Art Gallery :

If you want to display your physical goods digitally through a virtual tour or virtual 3D galleries, get in touch with us, and we’ll create the most beautiful one for you.

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