Importance Of Guru & Guru Shishya Relation

Meaning Of Guru

The Sanskrit word of Guru is “guruh”, which has heavy notes and has Indo-European roots. In Sanskrit, the meaning of “guruh” is “venerable” & “respectable”.

Based on the Hindu traditional etymology, in Advaya Taraka Upanishad of line 16, the syllables “gu” means “darkness” and “ru” means destroyer. Which collectively means (“one who destroys/dispels darkness and shows light”).

Importance Of Guru

Guru in today’s world is more precise to say “a management guru”, “mentor”, “advisor”, “leader”.

Guru means a spiritual teacher, who helps his/her Shishya to grow spiritually, mentally, physically & emotionally, stable, sound, strong & patient respectively.

A guru can also be your coach, who guides you throughout your life in the right direction. A guru is never afraid of taking challenges, they never neglect responsibilities and they are filled with love, compassion, patience and purity.

In ancient times, Gurus were someone who was referred to as reputed priests/Brahmanas/mahagurus. They used to perform various religious rituals and purifications and initiated young students into the forest life where the guru used to teach the values of Vedas, Upanishads, Gita. They gave higher knowledge of Brahma Vidyas, Moksha/liberation.

The students were from all types of castes and backgrounds, where they were purified and transformed into better human beings. The gurus were well versed and had extreme knowledge in various fields like arts, literature, crafts, medicine, metallurgy, martial arts, sculpting, carving, taming wild animals, martial arts, archery, weapon making and lots more.

The students use to take their guidance to become well versed in these fields as well. Their utmost dedication use to make them “Shurvirs”. 

Ancient Day Guru Shishya relation/vs Now

In India, despite globalization and westernization, the relationship of Guru and Shishya has remained relevant and has evolved despite modern values.

According to history, it states that, as per ancient tradition, shishyas need to follow absolute obedience, pin-drop silence at the time of imparting knowledge by the guru, no questioning, complete organized life, utmost dedication.

On the contrary, now in the 21st-century guru shishya relation is even more evolved and beautiful. They work as a team, hence not only a shishya learns from the guru, but a Guru also learns vivid things from shishyas, there is obedience, but there is the question, there’s rebelling, there’s being critical, to stay well informed and the sharp mind.

Few Famous Ancient Gurus

  1. Ved Vyas
  2. Parshuram
  3. Dronacharya
  4. Valmiki
  5. Vashishtha
  6. Vishwamitra
  7. Brihaspati
  8. Shukracharya

Few Famous 21st Century Gurus

  1. Dalai Lama
  2. Gour Gopal Das
  3. Shri Shri Ravi Shankar
  4. BK Shivani
  5. Swami Gyan Vatsal
  6. Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev
  7. Mata Amritanandamayi

Sonajuri Arts and the  Guru Shishya Relationship

Sonajuri Art’s Gurus :

Sonajuri Arts in association with UMA DREAM FOUNDATION was created to uplift the artisans and their families especially the primary health and education of their children. It’s for all the unparalleled and unmatched creativity of the simple artisans of Rural India, who have been quietly perfecting their art and creativity for centuries.

Sonajuri Arts gives recognition to every budding artist for their work. We always try to feature them in the international arena, rather than veiling their identity. This is what makes us so special. We keep on mentoring them to innovate and create relevant designed traditional, trendy and culture-based products that match the changing tastes, needs and modern preferences of the audience to help them hit the wider markets. Our gurus keep on mentoring and teaching the budding artists how to perfect their skills and creativity. We have a friendly atmosphere, where our shishyas(budding artists) ask questions, clears doubts, and evolve every day.

“ Growth is the mantra of the day by imbibing the relation of the GURU – SHISHYA”

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