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A T-shirts or tee is a style of fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Traditionally, it has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar.

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  • Pattachitra Blooming T – Shirt – WPMt71014 599.00

    Orange bright T-Shirt made of cotton fabric has a tribal and fish painting depicting the land and water theme. Made with eco-friendly vegetable colors which are non-toxic and easy to wash. Soft on the skin. A must for every fashion diva. Must buy to encourage our artisans. Uma Dream Foundation with Sonajuri Arts endeavors to change their lives by uplifting their art.


  • Pattachitra Singing Tribal T – Shirt – WPMt71015 599.00

    The red magenta-based cotton T-Shirt with the delicately painted tribals playing musical instruments under a tree gives a very soulful ambiance of a Pingla is an eye-catcher. Help us to uplift the artisans by buying their products. They will showcase the culture of India if we hold their hands.

    100% Cotton


  • Pattachitra Tribal T- Shirt – WPMT71016 599.00

    The pink cotton T-Shirt with the delicately painted tribals dancing in a joyful mood is an eye-catcher. The array of colors struck by the artists of Pingla with vegetable colors is an art that needs to be kept alive. Also, these T-Shirts can be custom painted according to your requirement. They can be tailor-made. So, to keep the spirits and art of these artists alive. We must purchase their artwork and assist them.

    100% Cotton


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    Hand of Ganesha T-shirt
    Hand of Ganesha T-shirt – DPLt07108 599.00

    Ganesha hand drawn with fabric colors on this beautiful kurta. Elegantly drawn to make you crave for one to wear.



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