Rabindranath Pendant Choker Set

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  • Mustard & Green Rabindranath Pendant Choker Set – WTNS – 72304 400.00

    Elevate your style and celebrate the cultural richness of Bengal with our Rabindranath Pendant Choker Set. This exceptional jewelry set allows you to carry a piece of literary history and artistry with you, wherever you go. It’s not just a choker set; it’s a wearable symbol of your appreciation for Rabindranath Tagore’s enduring legacy. Make a statement with this stunning ensemble and let it be a reflection of your unique sense of style and your love for literature and culture. Explore our Rabindranath Pendant Choker Set today and embark on a journey of elegance, culture, and self-expression.

    As the product is handmade, it might have slight irregularities of shape and color which is a natural outcome of human involvement.

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