Regal Lifestyle with Pet

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  • The Regal Lifestyle with Pet – DPMp91037 1,199.00

    Regal Lifestyle with pet introduces you to the exotic realm of Patta Paintings, more commonly known as Pattachitra Painting. Quite a storyteller on its own, this artwork is an exquisite reflection of our rich cultural heritage, displaying unique motifs, antique drawings, and intricate details in each piece. Imbued with a sense of timeless elegance, Regal Lifestyle with pet  created with a deep understanding of the traditional Pattachitra style by our artists who are adroitly skillful and passionate about their work. Consequently, these hand-painted elements evoke sophistication and finesse unique to this brand, making it a worthy addition to your art collection. With Regal Lifestyle, you get more than just art, you embrace an illustrious legacy of craftsmanship.

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