Trendings Afghani Necklace Set

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  • Trendings Afgani Necklace Set – DTAJ – 82301 599.00

    Give your jewellery box a cultural upgrade! Our Trendings Afghani Necklace Set is all about authenticity. This piece of black polish jewellery not just exudes elegance, but tells a story of Afghani heritage and craftsmanship. It’s no regular jewellery, but a unique reflection of Afghani grandeur transformed into a chic fashion accessory. Handmade with an eye for detail, the mesmerizing patterns represent the essence of Afghani artistry. Paired with its captivating black polish, this set will undoubtedly add a dash of exotic appeal to any outfit. Unleash your unique style, experience the enchantment of the Middle East!

    As the product is handmade, it might have slight irregularities of shape and color which is a natural outcome of human involvement.

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