Magenta & Light Blue Silver Ghungru Neckpiece – DMJn16130


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Who doesn’t love anklet bells and it’s mystic sweet sound? The magenta adjustable thread is adding a beautiful hue to the neckpiece.


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  • Magenta & Light Blue Silver Ghungru Neckpiece - DMJn16130


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    Who doesn’t love anklet bells and their mystic sweet sound? The magenta adjustable thread is adding a beautiful hue to the Ghungru Neckpiece. The warrior shield detailing locket is giving this neckpiece an unmatched beauty. Pair it with beautiful sarees or lehengas, you will look jaw-dropping beautiful. No harsh chemicals are used. Dyed with vegetable and floral colors, to provide you with comfortable wear. Made with love by the rural artisans of Bengal.


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     What Jewellery Do: May be attached to the body or the clothes. from a Western perspective, the term is limited to permanent ornaments and excludes flowers, for example. It is important for women as it can make them feel beautiful, stylish, special, and confident. It ultimately plays a big role in making a woman feel good about herself, which is why it’s so valuable to many women.

    The word jewelry comes from the word Jewel, anglicized from the Old French word joule. Before that, it came from the Latin word Jocale, which means Plaything. Throughout history, jewelry has been one of the important luxury goods due to its uniqueness and exclusiveness. Jewellery, as well as luxury, has over time been the subject of twofold, or rather multiple, interpretations. Historically, jewelry has always been a land of art, craftsmanship, and design.

    Type of Material

    German Silver

    Water Resistant



    125 Grams


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