Mustard Khesh Shoulder Bag – DCSb23113


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An exquisite-looking U-shaped shoulder bag is perfect for your everyday use. No harsh chemicals are used. Dyed with vegetable and floral colors.

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  • Mustard Khesh Shoulder Bag - DCSb23113


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    An exquisite-looking U-shaped Khesh Shoulder Bag is perfect for your everyday use. Either you are a school-going girl or a college-going woman, this bag is perfect, as it can hold all the essentials like books, water bottles, beauty products, keys, wallets, or an umbrella. No harsh chemicals are used. Dyed with vegetable and floral colors. Made with love by the rural artisans of Bengal.

    Khesh Shoulder Bag Bags provide a safe and easy way to carry your belongings, whether going to college, a party, a day out, or traveling. They help keep your hands free so you can do other things, like holding a phone, holding onto a child’s hand, or carrying groceries. Our handmade bags are sustainable because we ensure that they use the best quality materials. The better the quality of the raw materials used, the better the bag will be. This is the reason that they are so durable. Everyone wants their bags to last longer, especially keeping in mind that it is costly. 

    Handmade bags take more time to make than machine-made bags, but it lasts for longer. Handmade bags also look authentic and genuine rather than formulated. They just look so real. The handmade bag is eco-friendly- To make handmade bags you do not require a big industry or factory for it.

    A bag should not only serve to hold and carry its contents but also to protect it. The leather should protect against mechanical shocks which are quite dangerous when laptops or tablets are concerned. Such shocks often happen when a bag falls to the ground. 

    Care:- Wash gently with a soft detergent when needed. Keep away from perfumes, sprays, hot water, and other liquid substances. Fold and keep it nicely for reuse.


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    Water Resistant



    350 Grams


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