Playful Ganesha – Terracotta – DPTG12223


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A cute showpiece of Ganesha with his many avatars riding a boat.

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  • Playful Ganesha

    Playful Ganesha - Terracotta - DPTG12223


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    An extraordinary clay showpiece of Playful Ganesha. This Playful Ganesha piece of art portrays his love for music. He is playing the sitar and his adorable pet is playing dholak. They’re creating some divine music. Keep this beautiful clay art painting on the wall of your balcony. The colors used here are bright and organically sourced.

    Mostly made of paper pulp and clay, Chhau masks are often huge in size but not heavy since the performers wear them during the show. The clay molds are first hand-made and dried in the sun known as ‘mati gora’. They are then layered with powdered ashes. Masks could also represent the shaman’s spiritual helpers, which he would try to influence in times of need. Sometimes hung in houses to ward off harmful spirits, masks were also occasionally placed with the dead or used in non-spiritual contexts for popular entertainment. Chau masks are made from paper pulp, cloth, and clay and undergo many interim processes before taking the final form. First, a clay model of a mask is made and dried in direct sunlight to make it hard. It is then covered with powdered ash and layers of papers moistened with gum are pasted on this powdered mask.




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