Sonajuri Arts- What Buying Handicraft products means

Buying Handmade Products means, Keeping the Craft Skills Alive!

Handmade products are perceived as the ‘essence’ of an artisan or a craftsman. Buying handmade products means supporting the artisans who make them. Handmade items are incomparable to mass-produced goods and not made in the same way as them. When you buy from small local businesses, you are directly impacting the person who makes & crafts it. When it comes to quality, handmade is often a win over mass-produced products. You pay for something that is made just for you.

Why buy Handcrafted products?
India is a richly diverse country with a population of 1.3 billion people, making it whole with various cultures and traditions across different regions. These cultures and traditions are carried from ancient times to the modern 21st century, which makes them unique. Handmade and Handcrafted items are an expression of heritage, culture, and traditions of ethnically diverse regions.

In this era of mediocrity, handmade items still reflect its authentic natural love with uniqueness in appearance as well as by making them the utmost to save our environment too. Handcrafted products offer absolute quality and delicate attention to detail with a natural authenticity to them. With handmade and handcrafted items, not only the products last longer, but they surprisingly offer benefits too.

Green Products: Work done with hands and crafted delicately takes less energy than a mass production assembly line, making it environmentally sustainable. These handmade products are locally made and don’t require a factory or large production facility.

Worth every Penny: Buying handmade means you are supporting the artisans and craftsmen. The value is worth for every product you buy as every artist, artisan, the designer gives his 100% in his product.
Connection with the Artisan: Buying handmade products makes a lasting connection with the artisan handcrafting them and your purchase represents an appreciation for their work. It gives the artisan and craftsman the to develop his skills further and customize them as per your needs.
Withstanding the wind of time: Handmade & handcrafted items are made to withstand the climate with the time that you are going to keep for a very long time.
Never Out of Trend: Handcrafted and Handmade products and items are often on-trend all 365 days a year. The basic idea behind the trends comes when a commercially produced new product within an organization can take up to 12 months, but a small independent artisan community will be more flexible.
Interesting Stories: Each and every handmade & handcrafted piece is connected with years and years of experience and culture. The person who has created it puts all his efforts and invests a lot of time into making something unique, authentic, and handcrafted only for you.
Keeps the Craft skills Alive: Supporting the local artisans and their unique craft skills that they practice helps them keep getting involved and keep their craft alive. It also helps the artisans and craftspersons to pass on their authentic skills to the next generation in a way to contribute to the national income and handcrafts play a great role in our economy.
A Modest Belonging towards the Craft skills: We all know the slightest amount of uniqueness in commercially produced items, they might be pretty but not unique. Buying Handmade and personalized items, authentic and unique in itself shows your interest in ancestral crafts and skills.

Every handmade articles and product are unique, and one can never really replicate another. Each precisely crafted item has its own connection to rural crafts which have been practiced for centuries in that particular region. Every artistically crafted piece is unique as well as well suited for that particular region depending on the climatic factors, locally available materials, and locally available technology. The mind-blowing skillfulness of the artisan is showcased in each product that he makes with his full capacity of hard work and love. Though there is no mass production here, creating and crafting a single piece by hand takes time.

Artisans working in these handmade and handcrafted sectors work in tune with nature and even today, they work out of their villages and practice environmental sustainability. As one may notice closely, many of the handcrafted products are artistic enough, representing the vibrant visuals in their surroundings with a unique story or ideology attached to them.

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