Why Sonajuri Arts is different from others arts platform?

Standing out from the crowd can give you a creative edge to your business. But with that, you need to understand the needs of the market and the audience. You have to be compassionate and think from a point of view, what they need from you and how you can benefit or create a difference with your business. 

Did you give special research to your company’s USP (Unique Selling Point)? This will be the trait that will separate your business from the competition. 

Let’s see how your favourite platform, Sonajhuri Arts is different from other arts platforms and how you can benefit from it. 

  • Our Vision

Our vision is to create a bigger picture of art, than what exists today. To be a one-stop place in the world of arts, where you can get everything you can imagine.

  • Our Mission

Sonajuri Arts was created to uplift the artisans and their families especially the primary health and education of their children. It’s for all the unparalleled and unmatched creativity of the simple artisans of Rural India, who have been quietly perfecting their art and creativity for centuries.

  • Caring for  the Budding Artists

Sonajhuri Arts gives recognition to every budding artist for their work. We always try to feature them in the international arena, rather than veiling their identity. This is what makes us so special. We keep on mentoring them to innovate and create relevant designed traditional, trendy, and culture-based products that match the changing tastes, needs, and modern preferences of the audience to help them hit the wider markets.

  • Preservation

Sonajuri Arts is not only helping the artisans grow but also preserving various art forms. As we know, India is already a hub of arts and crafts for centuries, and to preserve those and spread it is what we believe in.

  • Providing real-time platform

If art is your passion, we can help you show your art to the world. Sonajhuri Arts have already organized its first-ever exhibition for budding artists. These budding artists of team Sonajuri Arts exhibited their artworks and paintings at the exhibition hall, “Daughtor” at EC-45, Salt Lake City (Near  Salt  Lake  City  Center  I) from 06  April  2021  to 12 April 2021. It was a very successful exhibition, as lots of people encouraged the artists,  came, visited, and appreciated these young budding artist’s artworks and paintings.  

You  can  check  out more on our website for more : https://sonajuriarts.com/.

Meet a few of our budding artists who are creating wonders with each passing day  : Lopamudra Saha : an enthralling  photographer, abstract artist

2. Debjani  Roy :  a sketch artist

3. Mahua Bose :  a  precise  sketch  artist

4. Souravi  Das  :  a talented  painting  watercolor artist

5. Mangaldip  Das : a passionate photographer, micro artist, sketch artist

Other things which differentiate Sonajuri Arts from other art platforms are as follows :

  • Anti-corruption policy
  • Code of conduct
  • Corporate ethics & values
  • Prevention of sexual harassment
  • Workplace diversity
  • Integrated management system policy
  • The best hand made quality
  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Get wallet points

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