World Without Craftsmanship

In general craftsmanship is defined as the skill of an artist in a particular craft. In history, it says that these handicrafts and craftsmanship originated around 5000 years ago and each kind of handicrafts that India has, as per one from each state, has its individual uniqueness and history. Researchers say that these handicrafts narrate the influences of the kings that ruled on each of the empires. An Art that has the roots of royalty must get respected and made use of but if, somehow the crafts are getting lost.  If it goes far, then history will go down with them too.

The negative impact that how really would a world without handmade craftsmanship will be? Asking that question; will it be totally okay or not, will there be any difference in our life… Traditional craftsmanship is perhaps the most tangible manifestation of our cultural heritage. The craftsman is mainly concerned with the skills and knowledge involved in craftsmanship rather than the craft products themselves. Rather than focusing on preserving craft objects, we should encourage all artisans to continue producing crafts and pass their skills and knowledge onto other peoples, particularly within their own communities & society. The skills which are involved in creating craft objects are as different as the items themselves and they start from delicate, detailed work such as producing wooden furniture from trees, creating a sturdy basket or beautiful saree, traditional old painting style,s or delicate pieces of jewelry. 

Handicrafts and handmade products by our craftsmen in India and around the world have provided tremendous self-employment opportunities for the underprivileged and millions in India alone have benefited from this small-scale business. The livelihoods of the craftsmen would be destroyed if the world forgets to recognize these handcrafted products.

Craftsmanship is an integral part of our culture. Throughout the world, the craft represents the ethos of the community & its history. Every place of craftsmanship throbbing the culture of the craftsman and their skills which that get as gifts. Sense eternity the skills do not crop up easily from generation to generation. craftsmanship does not threshold just in small shaw pieces and articles but also set an example of massive architecture throughout the globe. Few of them are like the pyramids of Egypt, the Howrah Bridge of Kolkata, the Taj Mahal of Agra, and the Statue of Liberty of New York are the perfect semblance of craftsmanships throughout the world. Can you just imagine if there were no craftsmen in between us various examples of craftmanship which still made us believe, it is impossible to construct these ideas actually between us up beats the hard works and skills of our craftsman

Through the craftsmen and their handcrafts, we get to know a lot about any place and its culture, its geology with its traditional old history. With these handicrafts and architecture, and handmade products this craftsmanship has a long way ahead. With this passion, we can bring back the best Eco-friendly environment again for our posterity. The replacements of non-biodegradable accessories and home decors with these handmade biodegradable products can in a fair duration bring back the eco-friendly environment gradually but strongly. Though, it is extremely important that all the Handicraft and Handmade industries exist not only in our country but throughout the whole planet. It is a vision and mission for all the combined and the wellness of one another and the globe ultimately.

A skilled manual worker in a specific trade or craft was called Craftsman or Tradesman. The status of such a worker typically would lie somewhere between that of a laborer and a highly trained and educated professional. Most had high degrees of both practical and theoretical knowledge of their trade.

In the past due to the shortages of skilled Craftsmen grew rapidly in societies where educated professionals were highly prized. This turn would lead a road to lucrative markets in the trades. 

Craftsmanship helps us build better humans as well as better products. We believe that world-class products require world-class craftsmen. Craftsmanship is one of the most fundamental drivers of career transformation for students who are searching for a way to grow up. The craftsmanship can be very difficult to practice it need presence especially when it comes at a big cost. When your deadlines are staring at you in the red eyes, it takes a lot of courage to make the effort yourself for yourself that is sub-optimal in the short term but optimal in the longer term. Craftsmanship is not something that individuals will consistently practice unless it is part of the DNA of the organization. You can’t build something amazing on top of poor-quality building blocks. Nor can you delay that release by a few weeks to get better craftsmanship if your boss does not support it.

So how do you get to know if you are exhibiting craftsmanship or not? The only answer I have to offer is that you’ll know it when you get there. When you step back and take a look at your work and you will gonna feel that pride of accomplishment, you’ll know you’ve achieved a true spirit of craftsmanship.

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