While there’s a lot to be said about the summer and monsoon months in India — longer days, mango season, evening sunsets and the thrill of having a fresh cup of tea while watching the first rains— they also bring with them blazing heat and sultry humidity. Staying cool in soaring temperatures is no mean feat, but a little bit of Nourishment goes a long way! Here are 4 ways to keep your body cool and equip yourself against the heat: 

1. A good ol’ yogurt bowl 

Yogurt bowls are evergreen for a reason: curd & yogurt have a coolant effect on the body, while also providing good gut bacteria! Start your summer morning with a bowl of Greek yogurt and throw in some Honey Roasted Almonds for the perfect amount of sweetness and crunch. 

2. When life gives you lemons…

Drink lemonade! 

This age-old beverage does a lot to replenish your body with the salts and water it may have lost after a long spell in the heat. We like ours chilled and salty, with a side of Ginger-Oats Cookies

3. Reaping the fruits of labour 

Sweating it out in the sun can be tough! Thankfully, the summer gods also blessed us with watermelons and muskmelons! Full of water and delicious fibre, these fruits are great as fresh iced juice or just chopped up. Sprinkle a handful of our Active Sunflower Seeds onto your fruit bowl for an extra boost of plant-based power! 

4. Leaf behind the heat

Yes, it’s what your mom has always said— but leafy greens are among the best methods to tackle the heat and cool your body internally. With high water content and plenty of essential vitamins & minerals, greens like kale, spinach, and lettuce make a mean salad. Add some Omega Seed Mix to make your salad even more crisp!

 Monsoon, Rains and Enjoyment…

For many, it’s a season of love, but for me, it’s the season I love.  It’s one of the best seasons out of the four to me.  Of course, I am not denying the other seasons are not good, every season has their own specialties and I like them too, but there’s something about the rain that made me fall in love with it.  We all know that when it comes, it brings annoying things too; like humidity, jams on road, muddy water etc…but then there are always pros and cons of almost everything around us and so as the rain.   So, why to talk about the negative side of this when we can talk about the positive one, isn’t it..!!  As they say, “You can see the glass half full or half empty.” So here I am only going to talk about the things that I really adore about this season.

Monsoon is pleasing.  It cools everything down.  It has the power to add beauty to nature, leaving freshness in the air, making grass look greener, giving plants a fresh look.  Everything around is bright, alive, and beautiful.  Nature really shines with the rains.

Is anyone out there who doesn’t like to get soaked in the rain.???  I guess most of the people will tend to say “No”, as its one of the nicest way to experience the soothing feeling and everyone enjoys it so as I.  I just love the idea of getting drenched in the rain and dancing in it, believe me, you are never too old to do this.  Next thing that I absolutely adore about this season is the smell of the moisten earth after the rains.  It makes me crave for it; I wish I could eat that, like literally.

There’s so much more:

I like the sound of rainwater hitting through the drains on streets, tiny droplets on the window glass; the sound is itself musical.  And when it comes to music, Rainy season and music have a timeless bond.  Some songs are simply meant for Monsoon and I know you must be agreeing with me.

An enjoyable thing to do is having evening walks, long drives, doing photography, and an immense pleasure is watching the peacock with open feathers.  Another best part of this season is having a bite of samosas, pakodas or corns, a cup of coffee (a lot of people like hot tea though I would prefer coffee over a tea) – Monsoon really has its own great joys.

There’s something about the weather that calls to your philosophical side and you become reflective.  Isn’t it really so..??

By the way, when we talk about the rain, how can we skip talking about everyone’s favorite, a multicolored arc “A Rainbow”..!!  I like to catch sight of a rainbow.  It always brings a smile and happiness to every face.  Like a prism, it passes through every heart.  It’s just a beautiful magic of nature.

Last but not least, it’s the season of “Romance.”  I do find the rains very romantic, everything looks so beautiful.

If monsoon is your favorite season too, let me know in the comment section below what you love the most about your favorite season – “Monsoon.”

Keep enjoying the rains.

Stay Blessed, Be Happy..!! 🙂

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