Our Artisans

Art is not only a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. Our all artisans are experienced and supremely talented. They are the face of rural artisans of our state. Along with their work they also train young artists.


Abdullah is a lady’s tailor has spent his lifetime stitching and selling dresses for children at the Sonajuri haat. He has a small family whom he wants to see better days. So, every purchase you make on this site will assist us in realising the dreams these artisans and help them & their family see better days.

Bapu & Madhu

Bapu and his wife Madhu have been in this business of dress stitching and Kantha embroidery since last 5 years. It has been his family business since times immemorial but they have not been able to break out from the shackles of poverty. They want to give their only child primary health facilities and education for a good life. We all together can nurture the cause.

Jivan Majumdar

Jivan is 70 years old and has spent his lifetime specializing in fabricating dokra metal statues. He shuttles between Hoogly and Bolpur to make these artifacts.He owns a small stall and with his steely resolve got himself registered with the government and has a facebook page. We at sonajuriarts are attempting to give him more patronage and publicity to nurture his art.


Rakiba sells sarees, bedsheets and other ladies dresses in the Sonajuri haat for the last 18years. She has a small team of artisans in her village, Hathor near Bolpur. Her husband and son also help her with the business. They specialise in Kantha work and other cloth material. Sonajuri Arts and Uma Dream Foundation work hand in hand to help these artisans of West Bengal to realise their dream.

Mohammad Sohail

Mohammad Sohail, lovingly known as Jamai makes beautiful and intricate handmade earrings and neckpieces with the help of his wife and children. They make jewelleries with various materials and dream to own a shop one day. Our NGO, Uma Dream Foundation is also trying to help his daughter so that she can complete her studies.

Parimal Dutta

Parimal resident of Bishnupur is a master with his fingers to create the beauty of terracota artifacts which will see on the site. He and his brother Debashish are the living example of people who want to dream big but lack of opportunity. Your purchase will help us in assisting such a talented artisan live their dreams.

Sheikh Imam

This man spends his time fabricating antique looking, exquisite dokra lockets but is yet to be able to educate his children. He dreams for a better life for his family and does not want them to carry on in this line. We at Sonajuri Arts & Uma dream Foundation are striving to give them a better life.


Sabina is a talented tailor who works day in day out to stitch out the beautiful dresses for the tiny tots, but the irony of fate her children Suhana Parveen and Sabnam Mustafi have been deprived of such exquisite wears. Her dream is to educate her daughter so that they can break away from the shackles of poverty. Uma Dream Foundation and your assistance is endeavouring to educate the girls.

Gouranga Das

He is a resident of Raipur near Bolpur creates magic with jute threads (called pata in Bengali). He weaves these on various bases like paper mache, bottle, brass cases. His talent has seen his life through and his daughter is a student of Vishwa Bharti (pursuing her masters in arts) and his son is a brilliant student. Sonajuri Arts is assisting in taking them to the next level.

Sarbani Roy

She is an artist par excellence residing at Barrackpore, West Bengal. During her chequered life she had a roller coaster journey. She specialises in canvas and clay paintings. Her dream is to promulgate her art to young children so that they can carry forward their talent to different levels. We at “Sonajuri Arts” and “Uma Dream Foundations” are giving such dreams a path.

Sushmita Dhali

Sushmita is a talented fortified and is a multi-faceted woman. She creates Khesh, embroided bags and beautiful jewelleries by working day long. She has a dream to educate her son Hemant Dhali and daughter Koel Dhali. She dreams of extending her small shop at Shantiniketan. Every purchase will go towards living her dream.

Shatrughan Dutta

Resident of Charidais from a family which has tradition of fabricating the famous chau masks. But due to the dwindling patronage for such talent and due to chau dance, such intricate talent is dying. The artisans are bettered and some wants to step out of charida to do ITI in electrical engineering. We at Sonajuri Arts are with him.

Rohim & Minu Chitrakar

Both husband and wife are from Pingla in Paschim Mednipur, West Bengal. Their art is a treat for the eye as their paintings in fabric come alive on pots, sarees, paper and cloths. The dream of the family is to keep the tradition of painting alive as their son Nabi, presently studying at 9 is also pursuing the same art. Let us all strive to keep their dreams alive.

Jhumpa Sardar

Hello I am Jhumpa, a small-town woman with full of ambitions to create some statement. I make fashion jewelleries by myself with my own design. With my effort and hard work, I want to make my family proud. Sonajuriarts along with UMA Dream foundation is helping me to uplifting my self by encouraging me and give such a great platform.

Sudheshna Mullick

Sudeshna Mullick discovered her passion for art in 2018, starting with Origami and expanding into various art forms like Quilling, Mandala, Worli, and more. She primarily works with acrylic and is currently delving into the world of abstract painting. Despite no formal training, she aspires to be an artist and is supported by Sonajuriarts in promoting her artistic journey.

Tamal Banarjee

“I am Tamal Banarjee from Village Shyampur in Tarakeshwar. My father’s name is Swapan Banerjee and my mother’s name is Malati Banarjee. I like to draw since childhood. After Madhyamik examinations, I started to take painting classes from artist Sumen Das. I am learning drawing from him even today. 

Our Budding Artists

The Young talents got a platform to showcase their skills and ability. Along with the professional artisans guidance there are also keep doing impressive works. Not only from west Bengal we have budding artist from various states of India. These artists are supremely talented and blessed with many skills of art.

Aditi Biswas, West Bengal

Budding Artist
I’m Aditi Biswas. I’m a student of class 12, stream Arts, at Begum Rokeya Smriti Balika Vidyalaya. My hobbies are drawing & photography. I have always found an attraction towards arts & crafts. I have also an interest in sculpture & handmade things. I love to pass my time by clicking self photos. I love to paint Abstract, Mandala, Pop, Line, Zentangle Arts, etc. Sonajuri Arts as a platform is helping me live my dream in the world of art.

Mangaldip Das, West Bengal

Budding Artist & UI Designer
Mangaldip is a student who passion is photography. He is also pursuing his graduation with his own earnings. His multifacets in talent encompass painting on canvas, wall paintings, sculptures and writing on pencil tips and rice grain. His brand of art requires patience, time and no margin of error. Sonajuri arts and Uma Dream Foundations is supporting him to give his art wings so that he can etch a name for himself in the world of art someday.

Debjani Roy, West Bengal

Budding Artist & Content Writer
Debjani Roy is blessed with talent in making pen art and pencil sketches. Aa soon as she holds the pencil to draw she finds herself lost in the world of colours. She has a panache for art and she draws without any inhibitations. Her drawings are a treat for the eye and are creative. She has no formal training, but her works are no less than a professional. Sonajuri Arts alongwith Uma Dream Foundation is trying to uplift her skills to put her on a platform where she can take the world in her stride.”

Abhijit Bauri,West Bengal

Budding Artist
I’m Abhijit Bauri from Basuri. Drawing is my passion, I am now earning with this talent. I do various projects like pandal making, jewelry design, sculpture making, painting and many more. I also run my own drawing classes. My aim is to be an established painter in future, distribute my knowledge with everyone. SONAJURIARTS and UMA DREAM FOUNDATION is helping me with their support. Now I can showcase my talent in front of the world.

Lopamudra Das, West Bengal

Budding Artist
Mangaldip is a student whose passion is photography. He is also pursuing his graduation with his own earnings. His multifacet talent encompasses painting on canvas, wall paintings, sculptures, and writing on pencil tips and rice grain. His brand of art requires patience, time, and no margin of error. Sonajuri Arts and Uma Dream Foundations are supporting him to give his art wings so that he can etch a name for himself in the world of art someday.

Yashashree Andhale, Andhra Pradhesh

Budding Artist
Hello! My name is Yashashree I am 13 years old and from Maharashtra. I have qualified elementary examination with an A–grade. My hobbies are playing the piano and mostly art. My great grandfather was a great artist sculpture and painting were his interests. As a budding artist Sonajuri Arts with Uma Dream foundation is supporting me to putting my talent in front of everyone and can enhance my skills and carry forward my great grandfather’s legacy.”

Mahua Bose, West Bengal

Budding Artist
A Self-made woman who is a mathematics wizard. She has completed he post-graduation in applied Mathematics and plans to take up teaching as a profession. Charcoal Painting is her passion and she wants to keep her creativity alive by the mean. Her multitalented facets are endless as she is excellent elocutionist and voice artist. She also acts in plays as a past time, she also makes artifacts to keep herself busy, but charcoal painting is her forte.

Souravi Das, West Bengal

Budding Artist
Sauravi Das is a brilliant student studying in Class XII in Begum Rokeya Smriti Balika Vidyalaya. Her dream is to flourish in the field of arts and etch a career in the same. She is presently planning to do her Bachelors and then Masters in the field of fine arts. Our combined efforts to market her enigmatic art in the various forms of canvas and water will assist in living her dreams. We in Sonajuri Arts trying to provide wings to such artist’s.

Pratirup Bakshi

Budding Artist
I am Pablo (Pratirup Bakshi) from West Bengal, not an artist but a passionate lover of arts and crafts. Only trying to proceed towards becoming an artist. I am showing my small efforts so that it can be appreciated by the painting lovers. Your valuable advice can support me to be a painter and to draw sketch drawing.