Tussar Silk Saree : A legacy of 4000 – year – old yarn

History & Origin Of Tussar Silk

Tussar silk is that silk fabric, which is highly valued for its natural Gold and off-white tones. It is famous for its range of natural shades, from cream to off-white, to honey brown and all other shades of brown. It is being inherited from the moths whose scientific names are : Antheria Proylei, Antheria Paphia & Antheria Milita. It is also known as Wild Silk, or Tassar Silk or Tussar Silk. This fibre was discovered and originated 4000 years ago, during the time of the Indus Valley Civilization.

These exquisite threads are obtained from the wide-winged moths, which are part of the Emperor Moths group. Their wings are beautifully designed with circular markings. The silk is obtained from the saliva of these moths. Tussar Silk Sarees have different gold-toned colours, the colours vary, depends on the climatic condition and the place where they are reared.

Tussar Silk’s alternate Sanskrit name is Kosa Silk.

Characteristic of Tussar Silk Fabric

What makes Tussar Silk exclusive?

  • Inherent sheen texture
  • Slight coarse texture
  • Alluring range of natural colours

Tussar Silk Production In India

Tussar Silk is mainly reared in 6 cities in India.

  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Jharkhand
  • Chattisgarh
  • Bihar
  • West Bengal
  • Assam

These regions are popularly known as the Tassar Belt regions. Also, India is the largest producer of Tassar Silk and Tassar Silk Sarees. It is said that Tussar Silk is the overlordship of the Koshti Community, residing from the Bhandara district of Maharashtra. This is why Tassarn Silk is also known as Kosa Silk.

Affordable & Traditional Silk Saree

Tassar silk is a form of silk, which are not fed on mulberry leaves. It is just the rearing of silkworms, which makes the tussar silk fabric cheaper, that the other silk that is fed on mulberry leaves are very costly.

Indian Silk Sarees For Any Occasion

For years we know that saree is that traditional Indian attire which is a distinctive identity of womanhood. She reigns all the phases of life. She feels grateful when she is clad in a saree. She is an unrestricted spirit that cannot be leashed. She values freedom and all its pursuit. She is just as compassionate as a mother, as smart as a corporate, as creative as a weaver, as carefree as a bird.

For all these characteristics there is tussar saree for every occasion. Tussar silk sarees are available online and you can buy exclusively from Sonajuri Arts, where there is a saree for every occasion.

  • Tussar Saree for wedding
  • Tassar Saree for evening get together
  • Tussar Saree for Festivals
  • Tassar Saree for Corporate Meetings

In West Bengal often Tussar is the fabric base for gorgeous Kantha stitch embroidery, it is a unique and intricate work that makes the tussar valuable and high in demand in the market globally. In the near future, Tussar will surge to greater heights.

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