Impact of Western World on Indian Clothing designs

Due to British colonialism in India throughout 200 long years, India’s culture has been remarkably affected by Western culture. The development of Indian clothing fashion today does reflect the Western influence. Halter tops, handkerchief-cut kurtas, etc are standard today and have become part of every lady’s wardrobe. With 28 states, and 7 union territories India is a land of great diversity and each state has its own unique fashion.

Indian sarees, blouses, salwar suits, and their necklines had undergone great changes. All the latest Indian fashion trend has a touch of the Western. To meet the new demands of the market our Indian fashion designers are working day in and out.

What influenced Indian fashion?

The Origin where it all seems to have started was the Indus Valley Civilization (which lasted from 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE). Some of the very first traditional Indian clothing was found during the Indus Valley Civilization which.

Western attire for both men and women primarily came after the arrival of the British in India. As far as fashion was concerned at that time the British period was quite a confusing time. At that time there was a conflict between Indian national identity and clothing and the growing influence of the British or west.

The effect of western culture is significantly seen in our customs, tradition, social and moral behavior, and our love and respect for others. These days a person loves to live in freedom and it shows in their clothes, and most young people do not want to bind themselves into Indian customs and traditions. They only like to switch to traditional on festive days.

After Indian Independence westernization has affected our Indian youth and thus gradually today’s young generations are losing faith in their religious culture, costume, and tradition.

One of the main reasons, wearing Western wear as compared to some ethnic Indian wear is more comfortable and time-saving. The growing popularity of Western-style clothes and the large scale of Indian women have started adopting Western clothing. Western-labeled clothing gives a deep variety of choices for different events and occasions. Dressing up in modern clothes provides a host of benefits.

Versatility and practicality you can wear them with anything, and this is another reason why Western fashion trends have become so popular. A little flexibility in your wardrobe and you can mix and match those Western garments goes a long way with other fashion styles easily.

Western clothing is more of a casual kind because basically. In this society, their clothing is a blend type. In the present fashion world, the West is the trendsetter. Their clothing includes comfort wear like jeans wear & denim, t-shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, etc.

Even a few years ago traditional Kurtis with bold and heavy prints were popular in the country. But nowadays short-style Kurtis with varieties of necklines are giving their traditional counterpart tough competition. Earlier, Kurtis was worn along with churidar pants but today wearing them over jeans is the latest Indian fashion. From a celebrity to the next-door girl, short-style Kurtis is a trend. Floor-length Anarkali is also in high demand.

Denim / Jeans are highly popular among men and women in India. Though today at many parties and even in offices, there is no shortage of people wearing denim. In India and each and every day the market is witnessing the arrival of new designs of denim wear.

In our country lehengas have always been loved by ladies of all age groups. The traditional embroidered lehenga has evolved into casual crepes and A-lined skirts which are considered ideal for any party, social meet, or informal meeting.

Saree is the most traditional Indian wear. Sarees are the perfect wear for any functions like weddings, religious functions, and parties. The latest Indian fashion is an evolution of the saree in a new style that mixes both the saree and lehenga into one wear. This half-lehenga style saree is capturing everyone’s attention. This is pretty comfortable for those who are not comfortable with traditional sarees.

There are always new styles that are evolving from time to time. The new western influence clothing is making Indian clothing trendy and elegant. It is up to us to adapt to the changes because a new design can evolve anywhere and you have to take it according to your own choice, style, convenience, and preference.

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