Women Clothing is one of the most popular things and there are lots of trending fashion for women that come every day in  India.  For Ex-  Sarees  –  A  Woman loves to wear.  When it comes to a saree, a woman is crazy about the new latest trends and various new brands of  saree floating in the market,  as it is the most beautiful and maximum wearable attire in  women’s clothing all over the country and around the world.  No other trends or fashion can replace the value of  a saree.  A  woman looks the best in a saree “Gorgeous  Nari in  Gorgeous  Saree”.  It is a  perfect mixture of beauty,  ethnicity,  and culture.  The  Wearing of  Saree in  India is very historic and much important to preserve the culture and tradition of  India.  One of the famous pre-eminent styles of  Indian Saree named  “Ikkat” also comes under the World of Saree.  The  Word  “Ikkat” is taken from the  Indonesian language which means binding.

What is  Ikkat? 

Ikkat is an  unique technique of dyeing founded  in  Indonesia,  which is being applied on fabric pattern textiles like silk fabrics and cotton fabrics.  The  Ikkat is obtained from the process of resist dyeing and many other techniques are used to form  Ikkat fabric and now the technique of  Ikkat have become famous worldwide.  Ikkat  Sarees originated from the state of  Odisha and is prevalent in some regions of  Odisha and also called as  “Bandha of  Odisha”.

Ikkat  Sarees are best known for their beautiful designs and the country called it “poetry on the loom”.  The  Ikkat fabric has a conspicuous curvy look on the ending with a  blurry,  feathery and delicate appearance.

History  and  Importance  of  Ikkat  Sarees

The  Art of  Ikkat  Sarees takes us to the flashback of the late  1950s. The  Ikkat is known as  Pochampally  Ikkat which is in the town of Bhoodan  Pochampally in  Telangana.  In the 1950s,  the village Pochampally was recognized to make cotton and silk for the development of labour profits.  The  Pochampally  Ikkat was a masterpiece that was carried forward to the city from  Chirala. This art was named “Chit-ku‟,  and because of its uniqueness and quality,  this was very well appreciated by several manufacturing industries and later on spread all over the country. The world-famous renowned luxury fashion house “Missoni‟ is also affectionate by the  Ikkat  Sarees and after getting inspired by the Ikkat design module,  they, later on, created their latest collection of  Ikkat. Nowadays,  Ikkat  fabric is very easily prepared in big industrial machineries.

Ikkat  Sarees are produced in  3  states ‘i.e’.  Odisha,  Andhra Pradesh and  Gujarat.  The tradition of  Pochampally  Ikkat  Sarees started in the late  20th  century and further, it takes a  greater speed on the patola industry of  India.  The historical Ikkat art silk of Odisha is directly connected to the tradition of the cult practice of  Lord  Jagannath.  According to the  Vedas,  the colours that are used in this tradition are black,  yellow,  red and green which is symbolized as past,  present and future.


  1. Warp  Ikkat
  2. Weft  Ikkat
  3. Double  Ikkat


The fashion and popularity of  Ikkat  Sarees have also been reached into the  Online  World.  If we search for  Ikkat  Sarees  Online,  we can see a  large variety of  Ikkat  Sarees like many search results like  Green  Ikkat  Silk  Saree,  costs up to  ₹16,730,  whereas the Grey  Ikkat  Silk  Saree,  costs  ₹  25,710.  The  Prices of  Ikkat  Sarees are a bit high because of the beautiful and well-designed works and soft fabric of the cloth.

The  most  leading  Pochampally  Ikkat  Saree

Introduced from  Telangana,  which is the oldest  Ikkat producing centre in  India.  The most famed  Ikkat is the  Pochampally  Pattu Sarees that have aesthetic and attractive chowkra designs on the “Pallu” or border which may costs  ₹3,500  per saree.  It pops out as an exclusive combo of tying and dyeing patterns at the stage of weaving.  The  Pochampally  Pattu sarees are made up of pure Ikkat mercerized cotton and they are hand-woven and these types of  Ikkat cotton sarees are also available online and in markets. These flawless  Pochampally pattu  Sarees are perfect ethnic wear for women and these  Pattu  Sarees must be present in every woman ‟s  wardrobe collection.

Online  Handloom  Ikkat  Saree

Online  Shopping is a  very quick and simple way for everyone in this digital era.  Purchasing of  Sarees online also has become a very common and regular trend in  Women‟s  Clothing.  Every online purchase of  Sarees is deliverable at your doorstep.  The  Variant names  of  Ikkat  Sarees  that are available  online are listed  below:

1. Pochampally  Ikkat  Silk  Saree

2. Pochampally  Ikkat  Tissue  Saree

3. Pochampally  Ikkat  Patola  Silk  Saree

  1. Pochampally  Ikkat  Semi Silk  Saree
  2. Pochampally  Double  Ikkat  Patola  Silk  Saree

Care Tips

The best care of  Ikkat silk is dry cleaning or handwashed.  Soak the saree in water and avoid using harsh detergents or washing agents.  It helps to protect the gloss and sheen of the  Saree.  Use mild washing detergents and keep the saree well folded. Ikkat  Saree is the best choice for any party wear,  occasional wear because of its lightweight.  Mould yourself with the essence of traditional wear with  Ikkat  Sarees.

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