Low Competition Products On Amazon : Niche Research

If you have spent your time researching products to sell on Amazon product niches with high-growth and then it is trying to find your way through an intricacy. 

You have been into several deadlines and false leads. You experience ups and downs, excitement and disappointment. That is why 47% of Amazon sellers say finding a product to sell in the digital market is tough.

It is an advantageous journey though. Amazon is the world’s huge e-commerce store. There are billions of people who use it every day for online searches.

What is a niche and why should you care?

A niche is a smaller, exclusive subset of something. It can be a bunch of buyers, a specific type of product, a genre of books or film, etc., and as an e-commerce business owner and marketer, it is very important to understand the value of niches. Niche has differences which have variations and are deeply rooted to limit their kind more than the competitors.

While larger categories of a specific market or group may have more sales, they also come with more rivalry. Meanwhile, niches present pockets of opportunity with less competition.

For example, if you’re interested in creating content and products around health and fitness. If you try to get into the broad category of “Health & Fitness,” you’ll soon find yourself butting against big competition. 

But if you go deeply into the broad category, the competition starts to fall away.

From Health & Fitness, you can focus on a market segment like yoga. But even yoga is big. How about barre yoga? Or better yet, barre yoga for women? Still, there is too much competition? How about barre yoga for postpartum moms? 

The further down the “rabbit hole” you go, the more likely you are to discover a market segment with a limited competition that you can capitalize upon. 

With niches, you can serve a specific set of consumers and react to their unique wants. In addition, a smaller market share works as a great “jump-off” point, giving you the leverage you need to eventually branch off into larger markets.

How do you find Amazon product niches?

There are many other methods to create smaller sub-markets for your potential product, but one of the simplest ways to define and target a niche is to layer various customer behaviours and interests. 

However, this does involve some deeper research into your initial subject. 

Here are a few effective ways to find niches online.

Niche Source #1: Use Google

Start with a broad topic, and let Google take you through its iterations. 

For example, I enjoy Dungeons & Dragons. So, I would start with a search just for Dungeons & Dragons on Google.

This result jumps in a lot of broad information and sends me to the biggest, most competitive pages. But, it also gives me insight into what fans of Dungeons & Dragons are interested in. 

Case in point, under the “People also ask” snippet, I can see four common questions associated with this particular search, one of which is “What do I need to play Dungeons and Dragons?” 

Digging deeper

Now I have some potential niche product ideas: dice, printed character sheets, a whiteboard, and adventures. And using this information, I can excavate a little deeper. 

Taking the idea of “D&D dice” I’m going to do another Google search.

On the top right, we can look at the sales options for D&D dice on stand-alone websites (like Wyrmwood) or famous online platforms (like Amazon and Etsy). 

There are many articles on D&D dice listed, which help to move us in the direction of the information that is most important to people performing searches for “D&D dice.” By following this way, can take us into the depths of D&D niches. It is necessary because not only do you want to find Amazon product niches, you’ll have to figure out the niches’ popularity as well. 

Niche Source #2: Online Communities

The next platform to find niche ideas is in the online communities. Here are some of the platforms which help in the niche’s popularity.


Instagram makes an imposing tool for finding out niches and thankful to the use of hashtags. Using the Dungeons & Dragons example again, I opened Instagram and ran a search for hashtag #dungeonsanddragons.


Facebook is a splendid tool for niche marketers mainly because this platform makes you able to search through various types of people, hashtags, posts, groups, links, and pages.


It is another way of social news collection, in which the registered persons can submit their content like pictures, posts, videos, links, which are further selected by the other members.  


Quora is a question and answer website. Under this, in case if we search for something online, the results show also in Quora. People submit their questions and Quora answers to all those questions. The benefit of Quora is to find beneficial niches, that is twofold.

Like Reddit, Quora organizes all questions into topics and subtopics and it offers information on subjects related to the real topic. These relatable subjects can help you find out new niches in which people are interested more.

Low Competition products on Amazon

It’s a tough competition on Amazon. Many sellers especially the fresher’s have to struggle a lot to find a beneficial product opportunity window. There are millions of products only if one knows to reveal them, like the products with high demand, low competition, and no seasonal impact.

The End Game: How to monetize profitable Amazon product niches

Once you have discovered a niche that works, how to take benefits? Well, there are opportunities, with their own merits and obstacles. 

At a high level, you can monetize and grow up your niche in the following ways (to name but a few):

  1. Sell a product related to the niche (on Amazon, your site, other marketplaces)
  2. Create a niche blog.
  3. Generate Amazon affiliate commissions from products
  4. Sell sponsored posts on your niche blog
  5. Write an eBook related to your niche
  6. Sell courses related to your niche
  7. Sell your niche site by creating paid memberships forums related to your niche.

Now what?

Now it’s time to find Amazon product niches that will make your future as an entrepreneur and a money-maker. Remember, there are so many ways to slice and dice a niche. It is not a zero-sum game, so there is a profitable niche waiting out there, just for you!

Do you have any other techniques for finding niches that I didn’t address here? If so, please drop them in the comments! Or, if you’re curious and have any queries about which categories and niches are successful Amazon sellers which are selling in, check out The State of the Amazon Seller” report.

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