Sonajuri Art’s exclusive Raksha Bandhan collection

Significance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is the most popular and celebrated festival all over India, irrespective of caste & creed. It’s celebrated on Sravana Poornima. This festival is very sacred, which signifies and glorifies the bond of every sibling. Different states refer with a different name such as Rakhi Poornima, Nariyal Poornima, Kajari Poorinima, etc. On this day, brother and sister promise to protect, support, love and care for each other always. Sisters tie a sacred thread on brother’s wrist, followed by few rituals like applying tilak on the forehead, tieing roli, applying chawal with tilak and haldi on the forehead. Both pray for each other’s long life, prosperity and healthy life. Then sisters feed brothers with sweets, fruits and other homemade food. To bring smiles and give blessings, brothers gift their sisters with their favorite goodies.

According to Hindu mythologies, it is said that the sacred thread or the Yagnopaveetam, acts as a Raksha Kavach, to the wearer if one maintains its sanctity.

In the modern days, siblings hold a very unique relationship. They fight, fight and fight, but shows their love when it’s needed. Sisters wait eagerly for Raksha Bandhan to take gifts or money from brothers.

Keeping in mind this cute brother-sister relationship, Sonajuri Arts have come up with some exclusive in-house Raksha Bandhan collections.

  1. Magical Coffee Mug

A beautiful and high-quality coffee mug to make you feel fresh every morning. This coffee mug is extremely special and unique. Pour your hot coffee and see the magic. You can see you’re customized images popping out. Once the mug cools down, the picture again fades away. This is a beautiful and unique gift for your near and dear ones. Gift your loved ones and make them feel special.

Meta description :

Magic coffee mugs now can be customized as per your need. Pour hot coffee and let your favourite image pop out.

  1. Coffee for Life

This is a gorgeous coffee mug, made with high quality and durable material. A perfect gift for your loved ones. Now pour a hot cup of coffee and get rid of those Monday blues. Take a sip of joy and forget the rest.

  1. Stylish Coffee Mug

If you love your coffee mug as much as your coffee, then this is the go-to coffee mug you should order right away. Gorgeous and durable. This lockdown, plan a home date with your loved ones, over a cuppa coffee, latte or cappuccino. This coffee mug can make a great gifting item for your near and dear ones as well.

  1. Lovey-Dovey Heart Shaped Cushion

Bring home this beautiful gorgeous and cute red heart-shaped cushion. A very comfortable piece of cushion that lends you a good night sleep. It’s time to fall for this cute cushion. You can also gift this to your loved ones, they are going to love it.

  1. Square Shaped Earthy Cushion

If you are looking for a perfect and comfortable cushion, Sonajuri Arts got you covered. This square-shaped beautiful earthy coloured cushion is just perfect for your comfortable sittings and cosy winters. Made with good quality fabric for an irritation-free experience. You can gift it to your near and dear ones or newlyweds.

  1. Cool Track Accessory

This is a very unique and cool looking accessory, which you can flaunt in front of your friends every time you hang out with them. These cool transparent looking tracks can be customized. Choose your favourite music track and get it printed on clear transparent glass. You can have your unique collection of physical/offline playlists.

A shoutout to every brother, to buy all these products, simply visit our website and order right away to celebrate your bond in the best way possible.

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